Fang Ray Shin (方芮欣) is the main heroine of the game. She is referred as Ray. She is in the senior year at Greenwood High School.


Appearance Edit

Ray looks like ordinary teenage girl, with chin length black hair. Her attire, consist of her school uniform, which is a white shirt and black skirt, a pair of white socks and a pair of black shoes, and a white jade deer pendant, is worn almost throughout the game.

At one chapter of the game, it is shown that her house attire is a t-shirt and a short.

Personality Edit

Ray was a bright student of Greenwood High School. She has been active and participating at many school activities. But because of Ray's family problems, she became depressed.

She once became happy again when she met Mr. Chang, but eventually got disappointed again because Chang kept avoiding her. After sawing Chang meets Yin,Fang thinks that Chang avoids her because she loves Yin instead of her.After seeing her mother report his father,and her mother tells her that her father's hand and legs is just not clean,he won't die.And soon Fang reported the basement reading club to the police ofdicer of the school that Chang and Yin is the teacher advisor,he didn't know that Chang avoids her is because he don't want Fang get related to the club.

Soon,her action caused some students to the jail,including Wei,Chang was killed by police officers.Yin successfully escapes since she is the headmasters daughter.